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How to Submit Additional Images in Virtuemart

Posted by: twmeier

Tagged in: Joomla , Components

Adding a singe image to a product is easy. Adding additional images can be confusing.

To add additional images to a product, find your product in the Product list in the backend of your website.

 In the "Media" column, you will see a small icon. Click this icon. On the next page, you will be able to add more images to the product. You can also add other types of media such as a PDF.

That is all there is to it.

Joomla 1.5 Custom Breadcrumbs

Posted by: gbluma

Tagged in: Programming , PHP , Joomla , Components

Joomla seems to have everything figured out — Breadcrumb support is no exception.

Recently we were writing some custom component for a client and needed to handle the breadcrumbs in a special way that Joomla couldn't manage automatically.

As a simplified example, imagine we redirect a user to a component that isn't attached to a menu. We would expect the breadcrumbs to simply output "Home" and provide a link back to the index of the site.

Changing Page Title and Meta Info in Joomla

Posted by: twmeier

Tagged in: Programming , Joomla , Components

Changing the Page Title and the Meta Tags (keywords and description) in a Joomla Component is simple (this does not apply to articles or the home page of your site).

The first step is to include the following line of code inside php tags:

global $mainframe;

Then simply use the following functions to change the Page Title, Meta Keywords and the Meta Description:

$mainframe->SetPageTitle("Some Page Title");
$mainframe->appendMetaTag( "description", "Some Description.");
$mainframe->appendMetaTag( "keywords", "keyword, keyword2");

Since this code is php, it should all be inside php tags like it is below:

global $mainframe;

$mainframe->SetPageTitle("Some Page Title");
$mainframe->appendMetaTag( "description", "Some Description.");
$mainframe->appendMetaTag( "keywords", "keyword, keyword2");


That is all there is too it. You will notice that your Meta Description and Keywords will be appended to your global Meta Description and Keywords, which can be found in the "Global Configurations" in the backend of Joomla.

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